Network edition "Medicine and Education in Siberia"



  1. Sections of the network edition correspond to the scientific directions according to the nomenclature of professions of scientists. At assignment of article publication the author shall specify the section of the network edition:
    • 13.00.00 pedagogical science;
    • 14.00.00 medical science:
      • 14.01.00 clinical medicine;
      • 14.02.00 preventive medicine;
      • 14.03.00 medicobiological science;
      • 14.04.00 pharmaceutical science.
  2. The amount of the text of original articles and scientific reviews with pictures and tables, including the summary, keywords and the list of references, shan’t exceed 10-12 pages.
  3. Texts of articles are arranged in a text editor of Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, etc., all fields of 2 cm, the Times New Roman font, a size 12, a line spacing 1,5. The text of article needs to be sent to Edition of the network edition in the form of the separate file with indication of the Full Name of the original author — Ivanov I.I. tekst.doc. Sending files in the formats doc, docx is allowed.
  4. At formatting the text of article do not use a hyphen of words. If during the work in the text editor hyphenation is established automatically, it needs to be removed.
  5. Publisher’s imprints of article are formatted on the center of the page. The name of article (no more than 10 words) is arranged by capital letters in Russian.
  6. Full Names of authors are arranged by lower case letters in the italics in Russian. Initials are located before a surname of the author. The order in which authors will be specified, is determined by their joint decision.
  7. The city and the name of places of employment of authors are arranged by lower case letters in the italics in Russian.
  8. Article shall contain the summary (amount no more than 600 printed characters) in Russian. Research objectives, main procedures, results of original researches and conclusions shall be stated in the summary. The subtitle «Keywords» shall be placed under the summary, after it no more 10 keywords or short phrases shall be located. That will promote the correct indexing of article in search engines and systems of citing. The summary shall be sent to Edition of the network edition with the text of article in the form of the separate file with indication of the Full Name of the original author — Ivanov I.I. annotation.doc.
  9. Data on each of authors are arranged in the separate file: a surname, a name, a middle name (completely in Russian and in a transliteration), academic statuses and academic degree, a position, place of employment, office phone and the e-mail address (e-mail). Data are necessary for handling of publications in a database of the Russian index of scientific citing and other systems of citing.
  10. Tables are arranged in the text of article. Tables shall be numbered consistently according to order in which they are mentioned in the text (for example, tab. 1).
  11. Pictures are inserted into the text of article, and also are provided in the form of the separate numbered files of.jpg or .gif format with the resolution at least 300 dpi. Pictures shall be contrast and accurate, letters, figures and symbols on them shall be distinguishable. Schedules, roentgenograms, photos or any other graphical objects are considered as pictures. Photos of people shan’t be recognizable, or the written permission for their publication shall be attached to them. Pictures shall be numbered consistently according to order in which they are for the first time mentioned in the text — fig. 1. Signatures are placed in the text under drawings. Magnification range and method of coloring is specified in signatures to microphotos.
  12. Headings in the text of article (introduction, a research objective, materials and methods, results of researches, discussion of results, conclusions, list of the literature) are arranged without quotes, highlighted in bold type.
  13. Only the standard commonly accepted reducings (abbreviations) are used. Reducings in the name of article and the summary aren’t accepted. The complete term instead of which reducing is entered, shall precede the first application of this reducing in the text.
  14. Availability of the list of references containing up to 30 information sources on which in the text references shall be made is obligatory. References are given on sequence number [in square brackets]. The quoted literature shall be printed according to requirements of GOST 7.1-2003. The list of references shall contain publications over the last 5 years. All information sources are listed in the list of references as their citing.
  15. Units of measure of length, height, width and amount shall be represented in metric units (meter, kilogram, liter). Temperature should be given in degrees Celsius, and arterial pressure — in millimeters of mercury column. All hematologic and biochemical indicators shall be represented in terms of metric system (The international system of units — SI).
  16. The published version of article shall be carefully verified by authors; pages are numbered.
  17. Edition of the network edition assumes assignment to each published article of number UDC and implementation of the translation into English of the name, summary, keywords, information on authors and the list of references.
  18. Irrelevant to the edition requirements articles aren’t accepted to publication.

The founder of network edition «Medicine and Education in Siberia» — FSBEI HE «Novosibirsk state medical university» of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (SBEI HPE NSMU of Ministry of Health of Russia)

State license FSBEI HE NSMU of Ministry of Health of Russia
on educational activity:
AAA series № 001052 (registration № 1029) from the 29th of March, 2011,
Awarded by the Federal Agency for Supervision in Education and Science indefinitely

Certificate on the state accreditation of SBEI HPE NSMU of Ministry of Health of Russia:
90А01 series № 0000997 (registration № 935) on the 31st of March, 2014
Awarded by the Federal Agency for Supervision in Education and Science
for the period up to and including the 31st of March, 2020

Address of an editorial board: 630091, 52 Krasny Prospect Street, Novosibirsk,
FSBEI HE NSMU of Ministry of Health of Russia,
ph./fax: +7 (383) 229-10-82, e-mail address:

Mass media is registered by Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor) —
mass media accreditation certificate: El № FS77-68480 of 27.01.2017

The network edition is represented in DB RSCI (Russian Science Citation Index).

The network edition is all-Russian and has no printing equivalent.
Frequency of the network edition — 4 times a year.

ISSN 1995-0020

© FSBEI HE NSMU of Ministry of Health of Russia, 2020

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